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Inaugural Kal-Haven Curling Cup

Kal-Haven Curling Cup

A Friendly Bonspiel in Two Parts

Please grab some friends, and join us for the inaugural Kal-Haven Curling Cup on February 19 in South Haven, and on April 13 in Kalamazoo. The idea behind it is pure fun, with the hopes that it generates enthusiasm for the sport in each city, and perhaps gives people in each city a feel for the fun that might be had at a bonspiel. South Haven has an outdoor skating rink, where they have installed some curling sheets. They’ve shortened the regulation curling sheets to fit on their rink, but it’s certainly helping to expand the sport in southwest Michigan.

We’re looking for 4 teams from each city for each event. Here’s the details:
South Haven – Sunday, February 19
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
$5 per player / $20 per team
Kalamazoo – Friday, April 13
7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
$25 per player / $80 per team

Yes, you read that correctly. $5 for the curling in South Haven. It’s their rink. They get to decide the prices. Don’t argue with them. There are still more details to come, but the likely scenario is the chance to play one game in South Haven (they only have stones for two sheets), and play two 5-end matches in Kalamazoo.

If you’re interested, download the registration form. We need people to sign up ASAP for the South Haven portion… and spaces will likely fill up quickly for the Kalamazoo portion. If you have questions, contact Jason Hall:

Mystery Weekend: Kalamazoo

One brother lives in Washington DC and the other in Philadelphia. Each year, one of them plans a one day surprise trip to an off the wall place. Last year it was Cleveland. One brother plans it, researches all the neat things that make that place interesting, and then puts together an itinerary, but doesn’t show the other brother until the last moment possible. Then they board the planes, fly off to their destination, and are only in town for a day.

As a side note: When they came to open curling, we were actually full and they were told that we didn’t think we would be able to get them on. They said they came to Kalamazoo just to curl. We thought that was weird, but we found out they were serious. We also had a group of about 8 from Notre Dame that we didn’t have room for either. Thank goodness some of the “new” curlers we had on the ice wanted to jump over to another sheet with some friends. That opened it up and we got them all on. Being that it was their only time in Kalamazoo, they also scouted out the best place in town for donuts, so they had a dozen Sweetwater’s donuts for everyone to share. They all had a great time.

Thanks to Brad and James Peniston for sharing their weekend with us.


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