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Kalamazoo Curling Club — Fall 2009 League

We have 12 teams so we set up two six team divisions. We will be running this as a five week round robin within each division with week 6 and 7 being league playoffs. The eighth week will be used for curling and a party (details on that to come). The reason we are treating this last week differently is, there is a scheduling problem with ice. Even though we scheduled the ice months ago we just can’t get eight sequential Fridays. See the schedule below and note the gap between week 7 and 8. We’re sorry about this, it is unavoidable.

• Games start promptly at 6pm and 8pm. Be courteous and be there ready to curl. Early games must start on time. If you haven’t paid yet get there extra early, so we can get that taken care of well before game time.
• Games are 7 ends.
• No end starts after 7:45 for the first draw and 9:45 the second draw. If you didn’t get all 7 ends in you have to go with the score you have. Hence the prompt start.
• THE BEST WAY TO GET ALL ENDS IN – When it’s your turn to throw, start walking down there and get in the hack as soon as your opponent has thrown his or her rock. That doesn’t mean after it stops, it means right after the rock crosses the hog line.

• When the other team is throwing their rocks, stand between the hog lines and off to the side so they can see the other end and are not distracted.
• Skips, when your team is not throwing you may stand directly behind the opposing skip if you like, to see what their rock does, but keep your broom off the ice so the person throwing doesn’t see two targets.
• Every game starts and ends with a handshake.
• The third (or Vice) from each team does the coin toss before the game and will decide the score at the end of each end. If measuring is required, the thirds do that as well.
• If you are wearing street shoes to curl in, carry them in instead of wearing them. That will cut down on the grit on the ice.
• You are on the honor system, if you burn a rock just take it off the sheet. Don’t wait for the other team to call yo on it — that’s part of the spirit of the game.

• Each team will be responsible for setting up at least once. If you don’t know how to set up don’t worry, you will be grouped with people who do.
• Be there ready to set up at 5:30.
• Skips are responsible for making arrangements if they will not be there to set up.

Click here to download the Fall 2009 schedule [PDF Format]

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