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Of Course She’s Canadian…

Writes Steve Secreast:

Diana Krall was in town for the Gilmore Fest, did a concert last night at Chenery Auditorium. Tom Mulhern’s wife Kym works for Gilmore and got me in as a volunteer driver with a back stage pass. Last night after the show I drove Diana’s band from Chenery to the Radisson. This morning I drove Diana’s, her band’s and her crew’s luggage from the Radisson to the AZO airport.

And I had the opportunity to actually meet Diana in the airport this morning. I told her that she had fans in the Kalamazoo Curling Club, that we’ve made her an honorary member, gave her a club pin, and told her to wear it with pride. She shook my hand, said thank you, and that she would work on her sweeping.

We’re Moving to the Cube!

Painting in the Cube
Well, we’re painting the ice in the Cube, one of the rinks at the Wings Stadium complex. Open curling will take place there on Monday, and our Winter 2010 league will start there on Friday. We’re hoping to have some improved ice conditions there, as opposed to the Annex. MANY, MANY thanks to the folks at Wings Stadium for bending over backwards to accommodate this change… and many, many hopes that this makes curling in Kalamazoo that much more of an enjoyable activity for MANY, MANY more people over the next few weeks. We can’t wait to share this with you all…


The Kalamazoo Curling Club’s social secretary tells us that there is talk of getting people together to be happy and social while watching Team USA take on Team Canada on Monday, February 22nd at noon. We will be meeting at the Icehouse restaurant located at Wings Stadium. Curling play will be well underway, and this match could have important ramifications. No need to RSVP, as there will be plenty of room for everyone… so bring a friend and have a long lunch hour with the Kalamazoo Curling Club!

Olympic Fever!

Kent Elliott and Bronze Medal Curler Joe Polo
As we start to get all fired up about the Winter Olympics (now just a week away!), our minds go back to a time during the summer of 2009 when bronze medalist Joe Polo from the 2006 US Olympic team came out to Kalamazoo. Our illustrious leader, Kent Elliott, was able to spend a little time with Joe at the legendary Tiki Bar on an island not too far from Kalamazoo. We’re looking very much forward to spending some time with some more US Curling medalists in the not too distant future… no pressure, Mr. Shuster!

What an amazing turnout!!

You people ROCK!

We had an amazing turnout for our learn to curl session on the 30th of January. Despite the fact that we had to wait an hour to get started due to a hockey tournament with lots of overtime games, there were about 70 people that stuck around to try out this crazy game of curling! People were told up front that they would likely leave with smiles on their faces, and that did appear to be the case. Keep checking back to this web site for updates on future Learn-to-Curl opportunities, and remember that you can come back on Monday evenings at 8:30 for open curling… refine your skills, bring some friends, and consider joining our league!

Check our calendar for open curling and learn to curl events in the future.

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