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USA Curling National Championship Day

The day has finally come… it is the end of our tournament here in Kalamazoo… and time to send two teams off to the world championships The women will head off to Swift Current, SK, Canada; The men will head off to Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

It’s been a fantastic week, and we can’t express enough enthusiasm and appreciation at the VOLUNTEER officials who came from all over the country… the VOLUNTEER ice crew that came from far and near… all the other VOLUNTEERS who made this event possible… and, of course, to all the fantastic, fun, good-spirited athletes that were at the center of this all… We have truly enjoyed hosting you this week, and look forward to seeing you again… on the ice! Thank you! Great curling!

With that, we offer you the final edition of The Early Draw, and a link to the live web stream of the final matches: ladies at 10 AM EST, and men at 3 PM EST.

Opening Ceremonies in the News

Here’s a story from the Kalamazoo Gazette, which highlights some folks who will be highlighted themselves in the opening ceremonies today.

Opening ceremonies start in less than an hour… time to get out here… and watch some good curling!

The Science of Curling

Lots of people ask… why sweep? Why is the ice weird? Why all the yelling? Here’s a video that helps to explain the sport — and the science behind the sport — to people who are curious to know more… The Olympics are 3 days away!

KCC Member in the News

Greg Eigner
When the Kalamazoo Curling Club was just trying to get its legs, Greg Eigner was more than willing to help out. He and his family made the trip to Kalamazoo from Fort Wayne, Indiana in the midst of a blizzard to help out with our first learn-to-curl sessions. Since then he’s been a card-carrying member of the club, even with the big distance between Fort Wayne and Kalamazoo. The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette just ran this article about him in this past Sunday’s newspaper (could have been front page news if not for those Colts!).

Curling History Blog

Check out this great website, devoted to the history of the game of curling. They have posted some great stuff about “curling houses” which folks in the British Isles were using until very recently. You’ll find articles about old newspaper posts (remember newspapers??) regarding curling, and even curling poetry! Good Curling!


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