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The Extra End — Winter, 2013

The Extra End — Vol. 3, No. 1
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Kevin Martin in Your Pants!

That’s right, you’ll soon be able to keep Olympic curling’s gold medal skip right in your pocket. Kevin Martin has unveiled a new curling app — coming soon to a digital device near you. The application’s chief goal will be to allow users to follow Team Martin through the current curling season, but it will also deliver some pretty detailed content. Users will have access to a library of videos, curling tips, scores, and headlines. One feature that we’ll be seeing in the headlines as this app starts popping up on people’s phones and pads is the feature which will allow you to contact Martin directly. For a fee, users will be able to get personal responses directly from Canada’s Olympic gold medal champion. The per-instance fee is starting at $11.99, but Mr. Martin suggests that if the response is overwhelming, the cost could be adjusted.

I guess that means that we shouldn’t abuse the app by bugging Mr. Martin for stories about a young Mr. Eckstrand.

Android version is apparently out now, and should be available in Apple’s app store sometime soon.


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