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Friday’s Curling Action

8AM Women’s Page Playoff
Brown vs Wright (1 v 2 game)
Lank vs Hamilton (3-4 game)

12 Noon Men’s Page Playoff
Fenson v. Farbelow (1 v. 2 game)
Stevens v. Hames (3-4 game)

4 PM Women’s Semifinal
Loser of 1-2 game vs. Winner of 3-4 game

8 PM Men’s Semi final
Loser of 1-2 game vs. Winner of 3-4 game

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The Early Draw

Here is the Friday edition of The Early Draw…

Tiebreakers galore…

The final four are set for both men’s and women’s divisions.
On the men’s side, the teams remaining all have a 6-3 record, and those teams are: Farbelow, Fenson, Hames and Stevens.
On the women’s side, three teams are tied at the top with a 7-2 record. Those teams are: Brown, Lank and Wright. Team Hamilton is in the playoffs with a 6-3 record.

Women’s tiebreaker number one is underway between Team Wright and Team Lank. See scores and such here. From the looks of things, the loser of this game will face Team Brown tonight at 8 p.m. to help determine the set-up for the page playoffs, which will follow tomorrow…

[UPDATE] – Link to USA Curling for the full story on the Men’s Tiebreakers

The Early Draw

Here’s the Thursday edition of the 2010 USA Curling Nationals daily newsletter, The Early Draw.

The Early Draw

Over the past 5 days here at the USA Curling Nationals, we’ve been putting together a daily newsletter which is being distributed around the facility. It lets people know about the day’s draws, yesterday’s scores and some information about some of the teams. We’ve been busy working at the event, and haven’t been posting them… and that just doesn’t make sense.

So here’s today’s edition. We’ll do better about getting up future editions.

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