Of Course She’s Canadian…

Writes Steve Secreast:

Diana Krall was in town for the Gilmore Fest, did a concert last night at Chenery Auditorium. Tom Mulhern’s wife Kym works for Gilmore and got me in as a volunteer driver with a back stage pass. Last night after the show I drove Diana’s band from Chenery to the Radisson. This morning I drove Diana’s, her band’s and her crew’s luggage from the Radisson to the AZO airport.

And I had the opportunity to actually meet Diana in the airport this morning. I told her that she had fans in the Kalamazoo Curling Club, that we’ve made her an honorary member, gave her a club pin, and told her to wear it with pride. She shook my hand, said thank you, and that she would work on her sweeping.