Learn to Curl & Winter League

Join us from 7 to 9 p.m. on January 20th for on-ice instruction in the wonderful sport of curling. All you need is $10 per person, clean athletic shoes, warm & comfortable clothing (avoid jeans), and the willingness to try something new! It won’t hurt you to bring a friend to share the experience with! Show up by 6:30 for some informal, off-ice instruction and background information. That extra time will help to get you familiar with some of the concepts and terminology BEFORE you get on the ice. If the demand is high enough, the time may be split into two one hour sessions.

If you know for sure that you’d like to join a league, NOW is the time. Our Friday night Winter league will get underway on January 27, but the deadline for signing up is January 13. There is still time for newcomers to SIGN UP this week, get some instruction next week, and enjoy 8 weeks of league play into March. To sign up, click here.