Calling All WMU Students!

Calling all WMU Students! We have had some good response and participation from WMU students over the past couple of years. Some students are looking to try and get a Club team for WMU. Currently we have 3 MSU teams that come down and play and they have much of their league fees paid for by the student government council. We’d love to get WMU involved. Beyond that, USA curling participates in the World University Games and sends a Team every year from one of the University Club teams. This year, the team is going to Turkey. Why not WMU? If you are interested in getting involved with WMU Club Curling please respond to this or email Marcus Gleaton at We are hoping to have the club up and funded before our winter leagues starts in January, but we need you to get involved.

P.S. Kalamazoo College is welcome, too!! C’mon Hornets!!