2010 Winter League Begins February 12

Experience the true social and competitive aspect of curling. Sign up for our 2010 Winter League kicking off February 5. Come as an individual or as a team, all skill levels welcome!

Friday nights, 7 and 9 pm draws, starting Feb. 12th

12 team league for 8 weeks. Teams will curl at 7 and 9 pm. Times will be rotated to make it as fair as possible. A schedule will be posted once sign-up is complete.

We are moving to the Cube.
Due to the poor ice conditions on the outside sheets, we are moving to the Cube at Wings Stadium. We will be able to accommodate 16 teams. Life is good.

League sign up deadline has passed.
We do, however, still have a few openings to fill some teams, and we’re always looking for a big sub pool to help us fill in the teams when people can’t make it. Experience the true social and competitive aspect of curling. Come as an individual or as a team. All levels welcome. You might even win the league, a team of 75% beginners won the last two leagues. You will not be disappointed.


Member: $140 (see BECOME A MEMBER below)

To register, just email me at this address.
or call 269-344-8780. Email preferred. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a couple days, please call. Please mail a check to the address below.

Other details

If you come as a team of four that’s great. If you come as an individual we will assign you to a team of four. If you have two or three people and want to play together, we’ll find you the additional players, just let us know your situation. If you are a beginner we will make sure you are on a team with an experienced curler. Learning is a large part of the league. The other part is about fun. No equipment is required.

Each night you’ll play a different team and meet new people. The social aspect of a curling club is a large part of the rich heritage of the sport.


I’m inexperienced is that okay?
95% of us are beginners. You’ll be in good company. We’re all just here to have fun. If you are a beginner we suggest you attend one of our learn to curl sessions, or visit us on Monday nights for open curling.

Can I just be a sub?
We will have a sub pool that you can sign up to be in. You will be charged a fee only when you play. Of course the playing time will depend on demand. Per game fee: Free (Member), $20 (non-member).

What if I can’t make it, can I call a friend to sub for me?
Non-registered subs will not be allowed unless our sub pool is empty.

Why does it cost so much?
Ice, and rocks are expensive and each game lasts for about two hours. So we have to pay for two hours of ice per game, and, unfortunately, we have to pass that charge along.


Annual membership $100
No gold or silver levels this year, just one level. Membership includes your membership to both the USCA and the GLCA, discounts on leagues and merch (like t-shirts and pins) and there is no sub fee for leagues. All membership dues go towards paying for rocks and club operating expenses (the dues help us exist). And the best benefit of all, you get to be a part of the biggest groundswell in the history of Southwest Michigan.

To become a member, please sign up at the next KCC event or send a check to:
Kalamazoo Curling Club
127 W. Kalamazoo Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI

Please make checks out to Kalamazoo Curling Club.